In our current media landscape we consume, mainly, small bits of information - mostly hard to place back into a bigger context. Hence, there is a inherent value in contextually curated information, creating more space for interpretation of the embedded content. Ubiquity offers a space that aims to - over time - grow into a research collection on the subject of Smart Cities implicitly following this line of thinking.

Ubiquity brings you a curated body of content, plus a set of tools - building on technological means we have, from machine learning to content management - to examine the topic at both large and small scale, in order to discover relations between seemingly unconnected sectors and paradigms. This offers a more nuanced view on the topic, which is not a luxury but a step towards better communication between parties involved and a better understanding of the topic at hand.

To create this improved coherency the two main points of focus within setting up the page were on curating articles that all were qualitatively good enough to be used as proper source material and on bundling all functionality needed to examine the topic into the website itself, so visitors have access to everything you need to find relations between items that interest you or background information through the application itself.

Web application made as graduation project for Design Academy Eindhoven. - Cum Laude

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